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local phone number

First enter Your local phone number in full International format with your country's dial out prefix.
It is IMPORTANT you include the leading (0..) on your area code if you have one.

Australian example 0011 6102 )87654321
UK example 0044 ( 020 )87654321
USA example 0111( 212 )7654321

This will help form the local dialout rules in the dialplan.

SIP provider name list

names in your SIP provider settings.


 0111Gizmo5USA based provider
0111GoogleVoiceUSA based provider
00 44localphoneUKUK based provider
001161PennytelAustralia based provider
001161mynetfoneAustralia based provider
0000ActionVOIPPlease note that when you call a number (even if it's local) you should always
dial (00 + countrycode + areacode + subscribernumber)
 00Voipiandial (countrycode + areacode + subscribernumber) when you're about to make a call,
even if it's local!
0111podlinez.netRadio podcasts on USA numbers
free with as host.
CNN Radio

provider1: [ 011 ]+[ 1 ][ Gizmo5 ] Gizmo5 with USA style international prefix and country code +1
+(default for local numbers)
+ (tick provider2 if backup for local numbers)

Place GV or googlevoice in the provider list to add GoogleVoice as the default or extra provider.

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Fill-In the three boxes for the default provider, and your local phone number pattern as a minimum for the next page. Your local number can be fake I just need the correct number of digits in the box.

You only need to enter names for provider 3 to 8 as the number boxes are  not currently used.