S/Mime type smime.p7m encrypted Email

Some useful links on using s/mime Encrypted and Signed email

Signing and Encrypting E-Mail using S/MIME

Comodo’s Free Email certificates. Email certificates allow you to encrypt, decrypt and digitally sign your emails so they cannot be intercepted, read or modified by anyone except the person you sent them to.

Comodo SecureEmail A free program to Install as a seamless Plug-in to Microsoft Outlook or in Network Level Mode for compatibility with most other mail clients

Encrypting an e-mail message in Microsoft Outlook 2010 | Outlook 2007

how to import S/MIME certificates for use in Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.

Gmail S/MIME(update to Penango) add on for firefox to read and encrypt emails in Gmail.

iPod, iPhone, iPad. Two(2) ways to open and read SMIME encrypted Emails

  1. iReadSMIME
  2. update to iOS5 for native smime support in mail.app using s/mime page.

Gmail and iPhone use google sync to use (google-calendar, google-contacts) on iphone and IMAP (gmail only) for encrypted email in iOS5 mail.app.

using s/mime in outlook outlook.doc

using s/mime in webmails, Hotmail Gmail Yahoo etc.. using p7mViewer from Cryptigo.

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Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), and GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) encrypted Email

Some useful links on using PGP(GPG) Encrypted Email

Check this post on adding PGP(GnuPG) encrypted Email to a mac computer. (GPGTools Installer for snow leopard).
Plus another good post on adding GPG to a mac computer.

Go to gpg4win.org to add PGP(GnuPG) encrypted email to a windows computer. Windows(2000/XP/2003/Vista)
Some docs for GPG4win for example, in pdf(en|3.5MB).

Enigmail is a PGP(GnuPG) extension to Mozilla Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

iPad, iPhone & iPod touch


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